If you are anything like me then you too, will also go through phases of liking different, random things. It could be anything; from notebooks to shoes.
Lately, mine has been jewellery. I completely and solely… Blame my sister for this. She was round one day and was browsing the internet and sharing with me jewellery from Shop Dixi that she liked and so; thanks Ella, now I can’t stop looking at all of their gorgeous pieces.
A few days after my sister showing me what she liked, I was feeling kind and decided to buy her some. (she needed a little pick me up and what are sisters for?) I took this opportunity to treat myself and bought this gorgeous moonstone ring and I am in love with it. It’s so simple but beautiful and it works well both on its own and layered with other pieces.

After buying this, it didn’t take me long to find similar online jewellery shops such as bohomoon and blacktied which also have awesome boho/gypsy/great , jewellery pieces.
This month I’ve been going mad for beautiful rings and I’ve even made wish lists to feed my addiction to stop me from buying them all. I can see my wages often being spent on new stock and this probably won’t be the last time I blog about them. In fact I’ve just ordered some more. Keep a look out.
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