Does anyone else have great memories of colouring in as a child? I remember going to my nan’s house and getting the huge roll of paper out that she used to have and just drawing pictures and colouring them in for hours on end. I am a lover of art. Have always loved drawing. I remember being in reception and drawing little stick people with spaghetti hair and my mum telling me she loved them. I even had loads of those books with doodles already drawn and you could colour them in. I reckon at least 60% of my child hood I had some pens in my hand and was drawing with them.

For Christmas (ages ago now but that’s not the point) I was given this little, or rather big, book from one of my aunties. Honestly as soon as I saw it I just couldn’t help but be reminded of being a little kid again! It’s basically a big colouring by numbers book for adults or I guess older children but technically I am still a child a heart so this is acceptable.

It so beautiful, full of tonnes of different kinds of pictures and some are really detailed and others aren’t. I just love using it to pass the time and whenever I’m feeling particularly sad or bored I whip this out and start colouring in. I have sat for hours without realising colouring in this little book. I find it so relaxing.




I know it’s probably not for everyone, but I think that it’s just a great way to take some time out for a little while. It’s also a really great way to channel your creativity because it allows you to stop thinking for a while.


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