This week wasn’t so great at the start and to be honest I wondered if I would actually have anything to write today. But there was something good in most of my days so luckily it’s not all grey.

Babysitting my youngest niece one morning before work. This was so lovely, she can make a day so much brighter for anyone and getting to spend time with her is great. I love being an auntie, its literally one of my favourite things about my life.

I treated my older nieces out for lunch. It’s nice getting to hang out with them on their own. Now they’re getting older they prefer to be with their friends so I treated them and it was fun.

I went shopping. Good for any girl, right?  I didn’t even buy much but getting to go out with my sister and have a giggle is always good. We could stay in boots all day.

A night in with films and takeaway. At the end of a not so great week it was nice to just relax, with the house to myself so there was not fighting over what to watch and peace and quiet. When you have 5 siblings and 5 nieces the house can be kind of hectic. It’s great but sometimes you just need to be alone. Generally speaking, I am someone who much prefers to stay home on a Saturday night than go out. Boring I know.

There is the round up of my week.

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”


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