Feeling Uninspired.

For a week or so I have lacked inspiration with Photography. Looking around, nothing jumps out to me. Nothing. It’s pretty much the same as writers block.

I recently read a book called the War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

Which basically states that all forms of creative block are down to our own resistance; fear, self doubt, procrastination, self-dramatization etc. All forms of resistance but ultimately it all comes down to whether we do it or we don’t.

So bearing all of that in mind, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and go out and do it.

In part of the book, Steven explains that to overcome his own resistance he would sit down and write, regardless of how good or bad his writing would be. He would simply write, to get it out of his system and to be satisfied with himself for overcoming resistance.

So, taking this advice and applying it to myself, I went out with no expectations to take good photographs. Instead, just to go out and take photographs because I love it and because I’d be unhappy if I didn’t.

Part 2 of overcoming my resistance is to post the few that I took that were semi-decent. The following photographs are from over the weekend, about a 20 minute walk from where I live.






“What finally convinced me to go ahead was simply that I was so unhappy not going ahead. I was developing symptoms. As soon as I began, I was okay.”

More photos on my Flickr – here.

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“A man’s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth”

Over the last year, me and my younger sister have had a friendship that keeps continuing to grow. We haven’t always been close and infact, we probably would agree, that when we were both little that we couldn’t stand each other for longer than an hour. But as we’ve grown older things changed and now she is one of my favourite people to be around.

There’s something about being around someone who understands you. Someone who doesn’t judge you and someone who knows you. It’s not only like this with my younger sister but in fact all of my sister’s and even my brothers.

Being able to be genuine with someone and feel completely comfortable, in a day where there is judgement and competitiveness with those around us, it can be quite hard to find.

I’ve always craved a deeper connection, something with meaning and consistency. People will continue to change around us, new people will arrive in our lives and people will leave. But having at least one person who stays, although you may change, an unconditional friendship remains.

For the rest of my life I want to be surrounded by genuine, honest, trustworthy, credible and compelling people. I want friends who support me unconditionally and who can be proud of my achievements and in return people who inspire me and who I can be proud of.


My second oldest sister who has her own blog! https://vitaella.wordpress.com/


Tiegan who also has her own blog! https://insight2tiegan.wordpress.com/ with posts yet to come!




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Around this time last year me, my parents and my little sister took a trip to Rome for a long weekend.

I was already in love with Italy but the country’s capital is so magical that you can’t help but fall in love a little more. There is something about the way Rome’s architecture takes you through time all the while the city goes on with modern life.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was visiting the Colosseum. Looking into the Colosseum is fascinating, you find yourself imagining what it would have been like to be viewing the gladiatorial contests in such a huge space, it’s incredible to just think about; to actually be inside is something else. Not only is it great to look inside of, but its also amazing to look out of. To be taken back into history and then to look out and see modern city life, with Rome’s residents going on with their normal day to day business, is a serious incredible experience. A piece of history, slap bang in the middle of Rome. There honestly is nothing like it.

Here are photos from the trip.








I have finally uploaded some of my photographs to Flickr!

If you would like to see photos I have taken on different trips then click here!

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If you are into Youtube then you may know or heard of youtuber Ingrid Nilsen.

Whilst her channel is made up of beauty and style related videos, her side channel – TheGridMonster reveals a different side to Ingrid. She’s funny, intelligent and most importantly; Real.

In one of her videos she began talking about her love for a magazine specifically aimed at women. One that was empowering, authentic and positively influential. Darling.

After hearing her talk so highly of this magazine I decided to check it out for myself. After looking all over their website and reading the articles which they had online, I knew that I needed to have this magazine. It encompasses everything I love. Photographs, beauty, lifestyle, style, intellect, illustrations etc.

 With its articles which are all about teaching women to be happy and healthy, inside and out.

Darlings mission is:


This is so important. Darling doesn’t retouch any models, they’re is no adverts, no gossip, no celebrity exploitation.

Instead Darling enlightens readers on spirituality, healthy bodies, character, growing knowledge and even helping women through hushed topics such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

The importance of this magazine in today’s ever changing society with endless social media and being instantly in touch with everything and everyone, it needs to be recognised. Not only is it beautifully aesthetically. it’s beautiful on the inside too.  Under the pressures of every day life, it’s easy to forget how to be an individual without constantly comparing yourself and validating yourself by other peoples opinions. This magazine allows me to remember that it’s OK to be myself, to stop worrying what others think and to do what I love and what makes me happy.

If it was up to me, every women would own this magazine.

A quartery subscription is $20 every 3 months (after postage and packing its about £30) and you get 4 throughout the year.

Or you can buy them individually for the same price.

Darling’s Website

Darling’s Shop

Ingrid’s Article



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London – Soho.

The Photographers’ Gallery in Soho London has become a regular spot to visit with my Dad. With exhibitions changing almost every month, a great cafe to drink coffee and people watch and a book store full of photography books. It’s everything I love wonderfully packed into one.

This months exhibition is called: Human Rights Human Wrongs.

Feb 6th – April 6th

“The exhibition spans a time frame from 1945 until the early 90s and examines the major political upheavals, conflict, war and struggles against racism and colonisation that became especially urgent following World War II.”

It was a very hard hitting exhibition,I was almost crying at one point, but also very insightful into the goings on in the world which are not always brought to our immediate attention.

Also being displayed is Charlotte Dumas – Anima and The Widest Prairies

Feb 6th – April 6th

The exhibitions in the gallery are always beautifully displayed and I am yet to be disappointed.

To see my Dad’s Photography over on his blog click here.

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Taking a leap of faith.

Photography. One of my biggest interests. Heavily influenced by my dad with his own interest in the art of photography and his own mission to master the art itself, he’s had a camera for as long as I can remember, I was compelled to be a part of it. The beauty, the mystery, the stories. Everything that photography is, I wanted my own little piece of.

Two years ago I asked for a camera of my own and it has been one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I was no longer looking at photographs. I started capturing them myself.

I’ve wanted to put my own photographs out there for a while so I decided to take a leap of faith and just do it.

So here, after hunting through my two years worth of photographs, from the very beginning up until now are some of my own personal favourite photographs that I have taken.

















P.s. Here you go dad. I finally did it.

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