Last week was bloody awful. Definitely not one of my favourites. I have no reason for having a bad week though. It started off as just feeling super tired and wanting to sleep in, but by the end of the week I didn’t want to get out of bed or talk to anyone. I wasn’t inspired by anything, which you may have read about or noticed in my Photographers Gallery Β post and I just felt like nothing was going the way I wanted it to. Of course I did get up and dressed because I knew I’d only feel worse if I stayed in bed all day. I tried talking myself out of it and even talking to someone else about it. But nothing was working and by the end of the week I had had enough. It was time to pull myself out of my weird little funk.

So, I spent an entire day doing nothing. Well, not exactly doing nothing, just taking the time to rejuvenate. Pull myself together. Let myself feel crappy for one last day and get it out of my system. So if you’re in a weird funk and everything seems to be getting you down, I’m going to share with you my favourite things to do which help me feel better and I hope that it gives you some ideas for when you’re having a bad day/week.

Here’s what I did:

The first thing I did was get changed. Out of my pyjamas and into some jogging bottoms and a clean t-shirt. You can stay in your pyjamas if you like. it doesn’t matter, you’re probably not going anywhere. I cleansed my face and brushed my teeth to make myself feel some-what presentable and to feel a little fresher. Then I made my bed and tidied up a little bit. It always helps to have a tidy space to relax in because mess can be frustrating. If your space is tidy then your thoughts will be too.


It was a rainy day so I lit a candle (Grapefruit by Yankee Candle) and made myself a cup of tea. I pulled out myΒ Darling magazines and grabbed my favourite throw and made my bed comfortable. I like to be cosy. Darling is my favourite thing to read when I’m feeling fed up. It’s full of encouragement and inspiration for all areas of your life. It’s all positive too which makes it perfect for those not-so-great days.DSC_0086a

I’m pretty creative and I can get annoyed with myself when I’m lacking inspiration and interest in the normal things I love to do. I have a few creative books that I’ve collected over the years and they’re always my favourite things to go back to. The don’t require much thinking and just help to get the creative juices flowing.


The Big Colour by numbers book is my favourite one to pull out. All the designs are right there for you and all you have to do is grab your pens and get started. There are a tonne of books like this going around now and they’re not expensive here are a few that I’d love to add to my collection.

The Art Therapy Colouring Book

Animal Kingdom

Mindfulness Colouring Book

You can find all of these and loads more like itΒ here.

DSC_0090aDSC_0093a DSC_0091a

Two more of my favourite creative books are these 642 Things To Draw and 712 More Things To Draw. These are great for doodling. You don’t have to be an amazing artist to have and complete these books, they’re just great if you love to draw but need a little inspiration to get started.

These kinds of books are great for unwinding. They don’t require much thinking and are great for de-stressing.


Another thing I love to do is give myself some retail therapy. Online shopping is my favourite since it’s so quick and easy to do. I know a lot of people prefer actually going out to shop but it gives me anxiety and makes me feel rushed and under pressure to find things I like. Most of the time I am filling up my basket and not actually buying anything but since I was feeling so down I did really buy some stuff so you can expect a mini haul at some point.

At the end of the day I ran myself a bath and used my favourite products. Anything that makes you feel calm and relaxed is perfect. Aromatherapy products are awesome. If like me you have trouble sleeping then stay away from tea! Stick to decaf as an alternative or try something new like chamomile or even cherry juice.

Other things you can do which can help to make you feel better are taking walks, listening to upbeat playlists, being with friends etc. Whatever makes you feel good. It’s also important to take time away from technology, turn off your phone and your laptop. They can both be distractions from what is really important to you, once you take them away you can begin to clear your head a little better.

Often advice I see is that when you’re feeling low you should make yourself get up and out no matter how you’re feeling. In my experience though it’s not always easy and you should never force yourself to do something you don’t want to. If you need to, it’s important to take time for yourself. Don’t have a pity party but make sure you let yourself feel the things you need to feel. If you keep putting them to the side or ignoring them, they’re not going to go away. It’s OK not to be OK.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have liked my advice and little tips that help with making me feel better. It took me a while to get to writing this because it seemed quite personal but I thought it was important and something that I wanted to share. If it helps me then it could help someone else.

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26 thoughts on “Having A Bad Week.

  1. Thank you so much for this post, you’re awesome. We all have these days, it’s definitely not easy but as you said, it’s OK not to be OK sometimes πŸ™‚
    I really need to buy one of those colouring books, I heard a lot of good things about them!

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  2. Good Tea (decaf) ((no, just no…)) and Poast!

    From the little research I have done about feeling down, it could be some depression. Depression is the chemicals in the brain not balancing correctly. That is, according to what I have read up on so far. It can be managed though, I find meditation is good. Calms the mind, let’s you think clearly, allows space in the mind for the important things in life, creativity and love. I suffer from these bouts a few times a year, and I am not into any kind of medication for it.

    Also, I try not to turn into myself too much. We live in a big place with lot’s going on. We need to remember our experience is only one part of that. It is an important part, but what we contribute to it, is equally important as what we take out from it.

    There, that’s all clear then πŸ™‚

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  3. Aw what a lovely post, I agree with all of these things they can really make you feel better- even when sometimes you have no idea why you’re feeling down in the first place! I had a tonsillectomy 6 days ago and have been having such a tough week, but I find that blogging and staying as active as I can from my bed has helped. Candles, movies, and tea also work wonders!

    Diana xo | http://mylovelierdays

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  4. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down lately. Kudos to you for getting dressed, cleaning up your space, and doing some coloring therapy πŸ™‚ Just mustering the energy to do that much when you are feeling down can be difficult but I think that it really does help.

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    1. It can be difficult sometimes! I have stayed in bed all day before but it usually has me feeling worse, I’m feeling ok but hoping next week will hopefully be even better πŸ™‚ thank you for always reading my posts Natalie and always leaving such lovely comments!


    1. It sure does, clean clothes are always so refreshing! I like staying in my pyjamas sometimes too πŸ™‚ I love baths! Only problem is that I’m always too relaxed to get out haha, thank you for reading x


  5. I’m having a bad few weeks and it’s nice to see some suggestions. It’s ok to not be ok. This is so important for me to remember. I need to drill that in. It doesn’t make me a weak person. Thank you for your post πŸ™‚ xxx

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