In my last haul I mentioned that I had bought two eye brush sets. One for my little sisters birthday and one for me. Everybody knows about the Real Techniques brushes but I wanted to do a comparison between the Starter Set 1406 and the ecoTOOLs 6 Piece Eye Brush set.

On Amazon, which is where I bought both the sets from, the prices didn’t differ much at all. They were both priced at around £12 (Bargain!). In Boots there is around a £6 difference with the ecoTOOLS priced at £14.99 and Real Techniques at £21.99*.

 I thought I’d talk you through what I did and how each brush worked and which worked better. In general though both sets are pretty good, especially as starter sets. They’re both relatively inexpensive and not too difficult to get your hands on so if you’re not sure where to begin either set would be ideal. If you’d like to know more in more detail then you can read along.

I’ve sorted the brushes into pairs. By whether they are similar in size, shape and use but NOT by their names. Just remember this when reading, I’ve included the names so you can see which brush I used.DSC_0022a

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush and the ecoTOOLS Large Eye Brush.

Both brushes work well and do the exact same job. The ecoTOOLS brush is slightly more dense so it’s much easier to pack a good amount of colour onto the eyelid. They both create a little fallout so you have to be a little careful. I found that the Real Techniques brush isn’t true to its name as it doesn’t fit in my crease at all! It is much better for applying a base shadow all over the lid.DSC_0021a

Real Techniques Shading Brush and the ecoTOOLS Angled Crease Brush.

I find that the Real Techniques brush is easier to use because it has a longer handle, but the ecoTOOLS brush is slightly bigger so it blends out quicker. These brushes actually work really well together by applying the chosen eyeshadow into the crease with the Shading Brush and blending out with the Angled Crease brush.


Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush and the ecoTOOLS Highlighting Brush.

The Real Techniques brush creates quite a lot of fallout whilst the ecoTOOLS brush has little to no fallout. I’m not sure why? I use the brushes in the same way and I always tap excess shadow off before applying. This makes both of them quite frustrating to use and you must have some patience. I like to use these for highlighting my brow bone and inner corner.

DSC_0017aReal Techniques Accent Brush and the ecoTOOLS Smudge Brush.

This type of brush I don’t really get a lot of use out of. These are great for smudging out eyeliner if you’re going for a smokey eye and/or applying shadow under the eye. They are slightly different shapes but both work equally well.

DSC_0016aReal Techniques Fine Liner Brush/Silicone Liner Brush and the ecoTOOLS Petite Eye Shading Brush.

The Real Techniques liner brushes work much better with gel eyeliner as this is what they are for. The ecoTOOLS brush works better using a black shadow and creating a smokey liner. I paired these up because the ecoTOOLS set doesn’t come with a liner brush like the Real Techniques but you can still create a look with eye liner using both.

In my opinion I think that you would get more use out of all the brushes in the Real Techniques kit. Two of the ecoTOOLS brushes I don’t get a lot of use out of since they are so tiny, I don’t need them for everyday make-up looks. For the price though you can’t go wrong and it’s a great little set for travelling. I love both the sets and Tiegan uses the Real Technique set every day. I had fun comparing them both. Thank you Tiegan for letting me borrow your set for this comparison!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it was somehow helpful if you’ve seen either of these sets and thought about getting them!

*prices could have changed since writing this post.

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4 thoughts on “EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Set vs Real Techniques Starter Set

  1. Brill post Amber, so glad I read this as I’ve also been looking at investing in a few more brushes – think I’ll stick with the RT’s as they’ve never let me down in the past! Really helpful review huni, Karen xo


      1. Totally agree… though I’ve often been tempted to try the eco tools… think I’ll definitely buy some of their single packed brushes! They look lovely with their wooden handles 🙂 So welcome, it’s a super post – really informative! X

        Liked by 1 person

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