I’ve been collecting rings for about a year now and the collection just continues to grow. Rings are my favourite accessory and way to add to an outfit. My favourite places to buy myself rings from are Shop Dixi and Bohomoon. These are the majority of rings that I have and wear daily. I thought I would talk a little bit about some of them because I love them all. I did do two posts which have some of these rings featured about a year ago now and you can find them here and here. I bought all of these rings for myself.


This infinity ring is actually my most recent ring purchase. I bought this from Bohomoon along with another one to give to my sister. They both say “Best Friends” on the inside. I saw these and knew I had to get me and Tiegan one because we’re besties.

The moonstone ring was from Shop Dixi but I’ve had this one for a year so I don’t think it is now on their site. It has lasted really well and it was already copper when I bought it. It fits really nicely and is great for minimal jewellery days. Shop Dixi is great for good quality rings that don’t fade of rub off green on your fingers. They are a little bit more pricey but they’re so beautiful so definitely worth paying that little bit extra.

The rest of these rings are from Bohomoon and this is because they are slightly cheaper. Some of these rings do leave that gross green mark if you wear them for too long. I love both of these rings. The green stone ring is very pretty and always adds a nice pop of colour whenever I am wearing a simple monochrome outfit. It’s quite simple still so can be worn with other rings.

The black ring is on I like to wear with my Om Mantra ring in the next photo. It has a really pretty design on the band and it’s quite gothic so it looks great with simple rings or “pretty” rings.


I spoke about both of these rings in my last post. The Om Mantra ring is my most worn and probably my favourite ring. The colour has started to fade and is now turning a weird rusty colour. I still love it, I like the effect but because I do wear it so much, the silver is rubbing off.

I still love my Amulet ring. I don’t wear this as much as I would like to because it’s hard to pair with other rings and looks odd on its own. Sometimes I’ll wear these two together. The Amulet ring hasn’t faded and the green stone is still just as pretty. When it comes to Bohomoon rings you have to hedge your bets on whether or not the ring will fade. But they’re good for the price you pay and considering I’ve had these for a year and I’ve worn them a lot, they’re still doing pretty good.


I bought this little crescent moon and star ring in a Bohomoon sale. I thought the design was cute and it was really inexpensive ( Around £2, now £1.50!). I really like this ring because its simple and can be worn with any of my other rings.

I also bought the cross hatch ring at the same time. Again, it’s really simple and I love wearing it with any of the other rings. Both of these rings are adjustable so they do pinch the skin a little bit at the opening if it’s not sitting right.


Lastly are these very pretty rings. The first ring, from L-R, is definitely my least worn out of all of these rings. It’s a size too big for me and only fits on my thumb. This can be solved by wearing a smaller ring in front because it stops it from slipping off. I don’t have any simple band rings that fit in front of this ring though so I can’t really wear it unless my fingers get fatter! I really love the design though and I still wanted to include it because it’s one of my bigger rings and I will wear it when I find a suitable solution.

The wishbone ring I spoke about in my Bohomoon post. I wear this one all the time and it’s my most worn in appearance. The silver has almost completely come off and it’s just about holding on. I think I will still wear this as a copper ring once the silver has come off and I can wear it with my moonstone ring.

Finally is this really pretty baby pink stone ring. This looks really pretty with the wishbone ring about it. I love this ring but it does get caught on everything because its so big. I have a necklace which actually matches this ring and I like wearing them together.


All of the links provided are ones which I could find and ones which are very similar. Some of my rings are up to a year old now so aren’t available anymore. In order:

Best Friends Infinity Ring.

Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring.

Alima Turquoise Ring.

Effie Ring.

Om Amulet Ring.

Harmony Amulet Ring.

Crescent Ring.

Prizm Stacking Ring.

Shop Dixi Wishbone Midi Ring. – currently out of stock, will be getting more in.

If you just want to browse their websites:


Shop Dixi

DSC_0033A DSC_0035A DSC_0037A

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