Following my previous post on my trip to Lyon, here are the photographs from my trip to Turin. Turin is a beautiful city in the North of Italy surrounded by the Alps. I tried to keep the photographs to a minimum but its so beautiful, I took so many photographs it’s difficult to narrow them down.

I went on to Turin with my sister, dad and brother. Me and Tiegan stayed with our aunt who lives out there. It ended up being a very inexpensive trip and visiting our aunt who we barely see was good for the soul. Hopefully we will be returning soon when its warmer and for longer than just a few days. Its amazing how much you can do in such a small space of time when visiting another city.


I also still have the photos to share from mine and Tiegan’s trip to Budapest which will be up next week! If you like the look of any of these photographs, some of them are available on my Redbubble page, available to buy as prints! Please have a look:

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Back in November, which feels like a lifetime ago now, me and my baby sister/best friend went on our first trip together to Lyon in France. Neither me nor Tiegan had been anywhere by ourselves before, all holidays and trips we went on were with our family. You can imagine that this was pretty exciting for the both of us.

We chose Lyon for no other reason than I had heard it somewhere and asked her if she’d like to go there. Both of us are pretty spontaneous and pretty rubbish at planning so when she said she’d like to go, I booked it the next day. Thinking about this now, I sound reckless to even myself considering neither of us had done anything like this before. I should add that we gave ourselves a bit of time to plan and we did think about everything we needed to such as transport, money, insurance and all that very important boring stuff.

I won’t give you a play by play of the whole trip but it was 4 days of lots of giggles, interesting museums and one very salty anchovy and caper pizza. Never again. I wanted to share some of the photographs of the weekend, France has the most beautiful cities and Lyon is no exception, its easy to get around and full of life and colour, if you like wandering around finding little library cafes and walking along beautiful rivers then add Lyon to your list of Places to Visit!

UPDATE! It’s been a while..

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a while and I have missed a lot and a lot has changed since my last post way back in September. I love blogging but sometimes I simply do not have the time to post as frequently as I’d like to.

A few things are different now, I have a new job, I’ve been to a few new places and I have some exciting things coming up for the summer. I’ve got a lot of new photographs to share from trips to Lyon, Turin and Budapest that I’d love to share so I will be writing up individual posts about each one and showing all the pictures I took.

Part of me wants to start fresh but I also don’t want to undo all the hard work that I put into blogging last year. For now I’m going to take it slowly to start posting again. I’ll have a more relaxed approach this time, I always put too much pressure on myself to keep up with everyone else.

I’m also selling my photographs as prints and on canvas as well as some other products on RedBubble, so if you’re looking for some new decor for your room please take a look, I still have a lot of photos to upload too so keep an eye out for something you like the look of and if there are any photos I’ve posted on my blog previously that you’d like to have as a print then please let me know and I will put it up!

Thank you for reading this if you were a reader of my blog before and if you’re new! Sorry it’s been so long.

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