Following my previous post on my trip to Lyon, here are the photographs from my trip to Turin. Turin is a beautiful city in the North of Italy surrounded by the Alps. I tried to keep the photographs to a minimum but its so beautiful, I took so many photographs it’s difficult to narrow them down.

I went on to Turin with my sister, dad and brother. Me and Tiegan stayed with our aunt who lives out there. It ended up being a very inexpensive trip and visiting our aunt who we barely see was good for the soul. Hopefully we will be returning soon when its warmer and for longer than just a few days. Its amazing how much you can do in such a small space of time when visiting another city.


I also still have the photos to share from mine and Tiegan’s trip to Budapest which will be up next week! If you like the look of any of these photographs, some of them are available on my Redbubble page, available to buy as prints! Please have a look:

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Back in November, which feels like a lifetime ago now, me and my baby sister/best friend went on our first trip together to Lyon in France. Neither me nor Tiegan had been anywhere by ourselves before, all holidays and trips we went on were with our family. You can imagine that this was pretty exciting for the both of us.

We chose Lyon for no other reason than I had heard it somewhere and asked her if she’d like to go there. Both of us are pretty spontaneous and pretty rubbish at planning so when she said she’d like to go, I booked it the next day. Thinking about this now, I sound reckless to even myself considering neither of us had done anything like this before. I should add that we gave ourselves a bit of time to plan and we did think about everything we needed to such as transport, money, insurance and all that very important boring stuff.

I won’t give you a play by play of the whole trip but it was 4 days of lots of giggles, interesting museums and one very salty anchovy and caper pizza. Never again. I wanted to share some of the photographs of the weekend, France has the most beautiful cities and Lyon is no exception, its easy to get around and full of life and colour, if you like wandering around finding little library cafes and walking along beautiful rivers then add Lyon to your list of Places to Visit!

Lets be honest…

How many people on social media do you follow that seem to be living the most incredible lives? You can probably name quite a few.

So let’s all just be honest with each other for a minute, how much of what we see is real? How much of what we see is genuine? And how much of what we put out on the internet is a genuine representation of our lives? When we put up posts on the internet we only show people what we want them to see.

I’m not against a perfectly posed photograph, or posting one that you feel really good about. I just wish we could all be a little more honest online. I wish we all felt more comfortable posting honest photographs, of how our lives truly are. And that we weren’t so afraid of critical judgement from others for not living the perfect lives that society tells us we should be.

Posting all these perfect photographs is great and I love to look at them, but it encourages us to be unhappy with our lives because someone always seems to have it better.

If we posted how things really are, across all social media, we would encourage others to post how their lives really are. We’d all come together and be understanding of the fact that we all are figuring out life. We’d all be happier with the lives we’re actually leading, instead of always wanting for the life someone else appears to have.

The same goes for the online blogging world too. It’s been around 2 months since I last posted because I felt that nothing I had to write about was good enough. What I’m really wondering is; can we stop stop pretending we have it all figured out and stop comparing our lives to those we see online?

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from the last couple of months, they aren’t perfect, but they make me happy.





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Working Out.

At the start of this year I had decided that I would up my health. On the inside and out. I made the decision to start working out more often, not that I was working out at all. But I decided to blog about it so that it makes it harder for me to give up because it’s written down on the internet!

I’ve been working out consistently now for about 6 weeks. To start off with I was doing the Charlotte Crosby 3 minute belly blitz DVD and then I started running. Unfortunately, on the 3rd or 4th outing of running I twisted my ankle, I didn’t think anything of it and continued to run on it for another day. Bad move Amber. Bad move. Since then, I haven’t been able to do any exercise which involved using my ankle so it was goodbye to the DVD and running for a little while. (about 2/3 weeks)

I didn’t want to just give up and I didn’t want to stop working out because it was making me feel so good, healthy and happy! But I also didn’t want to damage my ankle further and not be able to go running or do the DVD at all! So instead we decided to focus on our stomachs, using YouTube workout routines which didn’t have any exercises that involved my ankle being used heavily in any way.

Now after about 2 weeks of purely stomach focusing I’m actually beginning to notice a difference in my stomach! It’s surprisingly rewarding and I never thought I’d be someone who loves to workout!

I can’t wait to get back into running and do some cardio again but it’s not going to be easy and I’m a little be scared it will be really difficult.

I’ve always had an athletic body type so I don’t work out to lose weight but rather to be a healthier me. Here are some before and after shots.wpid-instasize_2015_3-_-111114.jpg.jpegLeft: August 2014         Right: March 2015

I didn’t actually take a before shot when I started working out but this picture is from last summer and I was pretty much the same!

Thanks for reading!

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“A man’s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth”

Over the last year, me and my younger sister have had a friendship that keeps continuing to grow. We haven’t always been close and infact, we probably would agree, that when we were both little that we couldn’t stand each other for longer than an hour. But as we’ve grown older things changed and now she is one of my favourite people to be around.

There’s something about being around someone who understands you. Someone who doesn’t judge you and someone who knows you. It’s not only like this with my younger sister but in fact all of my sister’s and even my brothers.

Being able to be genuine with someone and feel completely comfortable, in a day where there is judgement and competitiveness with those around us, it can be quite hard to find.

I’ve always craved a deeper connection, something with meaning and consistency. People will continue to change around us, new people will arrive in our lives and people will leave. But having at least one person who stays, although you may change, an unconditional friendship remains.

For the rest of my life I want to be surrounded by genuine, honest, trustworthy, credible and compelling people. I want friends who support me unconditionally and who can be proud of my achievements and in return people who inspire me and who I can be proud of.


My second oldest sister who has her own blog! https://vitaella.wordpress.com/


Tiegan who also has her own blog! https://insight2tiegan.wordpress.com/ with posts yet to come!




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If you are into Youtube then you may know or heard of youtuber Ingrid Nilsen.

Whilst her channel is made up of beauty and style related videos, her side channel – TheGridMonster reveals a different side to Ingrid. She’s funny, intelligent and most importantly; Real.

In one of her videos she began talking about her love for a magazine specifically aimed at women. One that was empowering, authentic and positively influential. Darling.

After hearing her talk so highly of this magazine I decided to check it out for myself. After looking all over their website and reading the articles which they had online, I knew that I needed to have this magazine. It encompasses everything I love. Photographs, beauty, lifestyle, style, intellect, illustrations etc.

 With its articles which are all about teaching women to be happy and healthy, inside and out.

Darlings mission is:


This is so important. Darling doesn’t retouch any models, they’re is no adverts, no gossip, no celebrity exploitation.

Instead Darling enlightens readers on spirituality, healthy bodies, character, growing knowledge and even helping women through hushed topics such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

The importance of this magazine in today’s ever changing society with endless social media and being instantly in touch with everything and everyone, it needs to be recognised. Not only is it beautifully aesthetically. it’s beautiful on the inside too.  Under the pressures of every day life, it’s easy to forget how to be an individual without constantly comparing yourself and validating yourself by other peoples opinions. This magazine allows me to remember that it’s OK to be myself, to stop worrying what others think and to do what I love and what makes me happy.

If it was up to me, every women would own this magazine.

A quartery subscription is $20 every 3 months (after postage and packing its about £30) and you get 4 throughout the year.

Or you can buy them individually for the same price.

Darling’s Website

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Ingrid’s Article



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Wisdom Wednesday

This week has been a bit of a glum week for me. Every now and then we get into these negative mindsets and they can be really tricky to get out of! I won’t lie and say it’s rare I’m ever feeling down. Sometimes life can be overwhelming and it affects me more than I’d like to admit. I always get stuck feeling like ‘Why me?’ ‘What did I do wrong?’. Whenever I am feeling like this I love to look at positive quotes. I look for ones I can relate to and sooner or later I start to realise that people are right.

My quote this week is this:
“It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.”
― George Eliot

I think it means that good things don’t just happen. We have to make them happen and if we want more happiness then we have to make more happiness for ourselves. Because unlike rain, which we have no control of, we have control of how happy we are. That is my interpretation anyway.

It’s not all bad. Besides; roses wouldn’t grow without a little bit of rain.